Dreams do becom…


Dreams do become reality


No no no way


Everybody knows that you are who you are and nobody can change that….People say mean things that can really hurt somebody. They also say that means they’re jealous of you.Thats all true but no matter what those things can still hurt. Don’t ever let someone bring you down that way even if you have to force yourself to let it go.I’m not saying its not good to cry don’t  believe them and don’t walk by someone who is mean like that tell someone.   Sometimes in dance a want all the attention and to be the best.So when I ask a question that person would judge me and say why would you ask that that’s so dumb.That hurt my feelings but I said to myself am I really gonna let that hurt me.The questions were so I would get the combination right that’s not dumb.





If you have someone to laugh with you already found a friend…Maybe you really like someone  and want to be their friend,but they don’t .Then you have to respect that.Friends aren’t boring they are supposed fun.Nor can they give pain and gain pleasure.No matter what they say ALWAYS  do the right thing and be the bigger person.Just remember that one minute you can be friends next thing you know they’re  back stabbing you and telling your secrets. Don’t let that bring you down.Make sure that when you have a friend before you tell them a secret or crush have them prove their trust.Example you want to tell your friend a secret so you bring up the subject and they tell you theirs keep it,then after a while (week or so)tell them.That shows you can keep a secret and so can they.Remember first ALWAYS say “Can you keep a secret?”